Monday, 25 March 2013

It's been a while!

Oh my gosh it's been so long from I've blogged, just haven't got into the swing of it yet! I put on a new video today, on some items I got sent, I'd love to hear what you think!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sungoddess Tan

So I got sent this from and I've been using it for the past week or so, and I couldn't even wait to do the video on my youtube (which ive still do to) so I thought id give everyone here a heads up on what i think here! So the first time I used this i just left it on for 3 hours, which is the minimum amount you are supposed to leave it on for:) and it gave me a little bit of tan but not much! so i decided to go the full way and leave it on overnight :) It comes out superrr dark but thats how i like it! i will show you on my video on what the tan actually looks like on! it has no scent and it lasts 10 days which is amazing, better than a spray tan! this is just a quick review on what i thought and will be going more in detail in my youtube video!
here is the website here
(the shirt they sent me is SO cute on! I love it!)

Monday, 21 January 2013


I reaaaallly want a tattoo like this! When im of age I'm definitely getting this or something similar! What are your thoughts on tattoos and do you want any, if so where?

Thursday, 17 January 2013


My Trip to London

Since I didn't vlog in London, I thought i'd log about my trip here! So me and Jamie (my boyfriend) went to London on the 5th January 2013. It was a great trip except we went through the day with absolutely no sleep from the night before, our flight was at 07:20 so we had to be at the airport for around 6am which meant getting up at around 4 and that meant I got no sleep! Anyway, when we arrived around 9am, we headed straight for the tubes to get into Piccadilly circus, it was a bit of a hassle since some of the tubes were off, which meant we had to get a bus to some stops, so when we finally arrived into the center of London (around 11am) we walked about and took in some of the views, the very first shop we went to was the M&M shop, which I absolutely loved! My favorite shop definitely! We didn't really go shopping as such, for clothes or anything like that, we just walked about looking at the different surroundings. We got a tube to Buckingham Palace, which was a really good experience, I'm happy I am able to say I've seen the Queen's house, lol. After we decided it was about time to eat, since we'd had no sleep or food (apart from the flight we slept there) So we decided to get a tube to Nando's. I'd never been before, so it was about time I had one! We both got the same thing, Butterfly chicken, chips & coleslaw, It was OKAY, I thought it would of been better with the whole hype of it! I would go back though. Whenever we'd eaten we walked around a lot more, went to China Town, West end, other places like that (which I can't exactly remember the names of!) but when it came to about 2pm we were tired out and our flight wasn't until 7.45pm, which meant we had a bit to go before having to make our way back to the airport (which is another story!)So we decided to go to the cinema, to see playing for keeps. As soon as we got into the cinema it was very empty, only us and another couple. But we were so tired we fell right asleep during pretty much the whole thing, lol. So I couldn't even say if I thought it was good, although I liked the ending! (of what I saw) When we were about to leave the cinema, we realized Jamie couldn't find his phone! Which had his boarding pass on it (the thing you show before getting onto the plane) Uh oh! So we got a bit stressed and looked around the cinema for it for about 20 minutes, until the people came in to start to clean up, and the woman suggested where it could be, since most phones drop in the same place! and since we were sleeping, we couldn't hear it drop. But she was right and it was down the side of the chair! phew! So by now it was around 5pm, and since the tubes were off in certain places it took far longer to get to the airport than it should of! The loosing of the phone completely threw our timing off! So we were getting a bit worried in case we wouldn't make it! But thankfully we arrived at the airport for about 6.50pm (less than an hour until our flight!) and the gates closed at 20 past 7, which left us half an hour to get through security and all that jazz! Lol so we rushed and made it for around a quarter past, which left us plenty of time for the flight! Thank goodness, Then we made it home for about 10 past 9pm, and got back to Jamie's for about half 9! Overall it was such a good experience and a good day, although part of it was chaos! I would definitely go to London again, it's such a nice place!

Start of something New!

Hey everyone, so I am new to this whole blogging world thing, I'm hoping to get the hang of it soon, so bare with me:) I will be blogging on a daily basis!